Once you begin using iPhone, you will never look back again at your old mobile or rather not even towards any other smart phone. This is a common experience shared by most iPhone users. Two Choices When Answering Call Facts.

Now, if you have been using iPhone, you very well know how important it is in your life and you cannot dream of losing it at any cost. Forget loosing, it is a nightmare if you just misplace your iPhone.

You might have observed that when someone calls you, you get two different options to answers that call. Have you figured out why!? Looks like this is baffling everyone.

When your dear one calls you, you get a sliding option sometimes. You have to slide that green answer button on the iPhone.

Answering Call Facts

Answering Call Facts

And then there are times when you get both red and green button to decide on the right action.

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  1. Nyi Lay Naing

    The green button with the slider appears when your iPhone is locked. The red and green buttons appear when it’s unlocked. But you can hang up by pressing the sleep/wake button twice even when it’s locked.


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