Amazing Underwater Places.

Our holidays are generally planned in visiting natural scenic beauty luxurious resorts or historical places round the world.

But there are even wonderful places underwater which are worth watching.

Here are 10 Amazing Underwater Places with challenging artistic construction and providing luxurious comforts in the midst of sea animals.

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  1. Red Sea Star Restaurant Israel.

Amazing Underwater Places


Red Sea Star Restaurant located in Eilat Israel’s southern most cities and considered as one of the amazing places.

Submerged 6 metres under the Red sea. The underwater restaurant is star shaped with a 70metre bridge connecting to the shore.

It has two areas one above the surface and one below. Above the surface is a metro bar offering views of Gulf of Aqaba and mountains of Edom.

There are 62 windows and every table has two windows one at the side and other at the above table which offers magnificent underwater surroundings.

The star restaurant helps the preservation of coral reefs and the marine observatory even at night time using soft lights without disturbing the natural habitat.


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