Adultery has become very common these days in real lives. Cheating in a relationship is no longer a taboo in the society.  Divorce rates have gone up. Have you heard about the most adult nations? Here are the 10 most adulterous countries in the world.

1.  Thailand
Adulterous Countries

Adulterous Countries


Does this country needs an introduction. It is globally known for sex tourism. People across the globe visits Thailand to satisfy their unfulfilled sexual needs. Thailand is one of the biggest sex destination. The sex industry contributes hugely to the economy of the country. Moth men and women are involved in the business. Patpong is a district in Thailand which is popular as an red-light district across the globe. Next time, if your partner is finding an excuse to visit Thailand, get the clue and be cautious.


2.  Denmark
Adulterous Countries

Adulterous Countries


Sex is very common in Denmark and people do not have any obligation to it. Do not be surprised if you happen to see some of the sex shops just next to some family place. Copenhagen which is the capital city of Denmark has highest form of adultery.


3.  Italy



It is rated at 45% when we talk about adultery. Hold on, Italy is the land of women.

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