Packing is the trickiest part when it comes to travelling. Whenever we plan a trip however short or long could it be, it requires a packing. It’s important to keep yourself and mind sorted to do an intelligent packing. Packing is not about stuffing the bag with everything available in the wardrobe, but you should rather pack smart…Travel Like Star.

Here is the compilation of 9 great tips to make you travel an easy, comfortable and hassle free.

  1. Buy The Lightest Luggage

Smart Ways Travel Like Star

Best thing about buying a light luggage is that it does not add extra burden or weight after getting stuffed. Also the light weight bags can carry more things as they are more spacious compared to the heavy weight luggage.


     2.  Carry One Carry-on Bag

Smart Ways Travel Like Star

You should always carry a carryon bag along with your luggage to keep your most needful and important stuff handy and to carry along with to you all the time.


  1. Make Your Own Compartments

Smart Ways Travel Like Star

Built-in you own compartments inside the suitcase to divide the things into the section of all toiletries and cosmetics in one section, shirts in another, pants, undergarments in other and you are done.


  1. Mix and Match

Smart Ways Travel Like Star

Pick up that pieces of outfits from your closet that be mixed and matched with anything or that can be worn in multiways, so that you can repeat the same piece of cloth with another using different style and turn your repeated piece into a brand new outfit without burdening your luggage.


  1. Keep An Expandable Emergency Bag

Smart Ways Travel Like Star

It’s always good to carry an expandable bag, as it’s very helpful if you decide to go on to some activities on your trip and don’t wish to carry that big luggage along.


  1. Take Additional Stuff Out

Smart Ways Travel Like Star

Okay, now remove the last three rags you have stuffed just because there was some space in the suitcase and reserve it for you can never come without shopping from any trip. This reserved space would help in stuffing your shopped stuff.


  1. Keep The Thing Travel Sized

Smart Ways Travel Like Star

Always try to carry the sample sized or travel sized product instead of full sized. Trust me you don’t need stuff in much quantity.


  1. Don’t Pack What’s Already Available

Travel Like Star

Most hotels provide all the cosmetic products and toiletries in their services. Therefore, you can avoid carrying them. You can check that in advance while booking a room.


  1. They Do Laundry There

Travel Like Star

These days hotel provide the laundry facilities as well, therefore you don’t have to carry extra number of pairs of socks, undergarments and stoles. You can always opt for the laundry and re use your clothes.


Travel Like Star
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