Have you had enough of the FOMO following Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? Have you and your friends finally found the right slot of time and the money to do your life changing trip but are worried about budget? Here are 6 tips to bring your Europe trip within your budget

6 Ways Make Cheaper Trip Europe
Early Bird Gets The Worm

People generally follow the “Rule of 21”. Booking your flights atleast 21 days prior to your flight will save you a lot as carriers start increasing fairs dramatically after day 21. However, the earlier you are at bookings, the better chance you have of getting a favourable deal. So be proactive in planning your trip a one to two months in advance.


Be Flexible About Timings

Be flexible about your dates and times of travel. You’ll notice that by simply changing your travel date by one day may reduce your fare massively. Look at travel bookings on weekdays because the excess traffic on websites on weekends makes the fares shoot up. Also, booking travel on a weekend will also cost you more than a weekday, again because of how many people would be trying to opt for a weekend.


Opt For Package Deals

Package deals will always help you save big on your total cost. Head to websites to get deals on flight booking and hotel stays together. While it may look like a lot of money to give in one go, usually it is significantly lesser than booking both flights and rooms separately.

Fly Via Less-Busy Hubs

Your flight to Europe can be made cheaper by flying to slightly less popular hubs to avoid grapple for cheaper fares on popular ones. For instance, take a Qatar Airways flight through Doha instead of Dubai. Connect that to less travelled airports in Europe like Manchester International Airport to get much cheaper deals. Once inside Europre, fly economy carriers to get around easily.


Trains All The Way!

Just like India, Europe loves its trains. Within the continent, it is much better to take the train. Trains connect all major cities, don’t charge for extra luggage and are much cheaper than flights. Not to mention the advantage of having a mode grounded experience of the countryside with a lot more interaction with locals.


Consider Alternatives To Hotels

If you’re willing to cut corners on lodging, it is a great idea to go for Airbnb instead of a regular hotel. Airbnbs are not only lighter on your wallet, they’re a great way to get an authentic feel of the local life with hosts that usually stay in or close to the apartment. Having a kitchen might also be a convenience for those of you who like to cook by yourself.


What are your hacks to make international travel cheaper? Let us know in the comments below

6 Ways Make Cheaper Trip Europe
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