Every nation has its own truths and facts. One of the largest countries in the world, Russia amounts to an area of approximately 17,075,200 sqm. That is huge. Right! Weird Facts Russia.

We have already read about the history and literature facts about Russia. Now, avoiding the same old boring facts, let us see few of the wittier and weirder fact about Russia.

World’s Longest Railway

Weird Facts Russia You Must Know

The world’s longest railway in is Russia which is a 5700 mile railway. The Trans-Siberian Railway which connects Moscow up to the Asian Russian region. The entire end-to-end trip takes almost 153 hours. That is more than 6 days!


Russia is Bigger Than Pluto

Weird Facts Russia You Must Know

This is something tremendous. Based on the calculation of the areas of both Russia and Pluto, it is concludes that Russia is bigger than Pluto. Pluto measures just 16.6 M sq.km, while Russia is 17 M sq.km.


Don’t Say ‘gay’ Word in Russia

Weird Facts Russia You Must Know

The fact about males-loving-males is not encouraged in Russia. It is illegal.



Weird Facts Russia You Must Know

The world knows McDonald’s burger. But in Russia, along with the world famous French Fries you must order McShrimp – a kind of tasty seafood patty. Doesn’t it sound like a potentially healthy idea.


12 September – Day of Conception

Weird Facts Russia You Must Know

This is something surprising. 12 September is a day every year where men and women are urged to skip work and have sex. This National Day of Conception gives couples time off from work to procreate and give birth nine months later on Russia’s National Day.


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