Online Shopping Drawbacks … Online shopping or e-shopping has become a means of shopping in this modern time. This is the major revolution where you have no physical relationship with the customer and the vendor. The most successful and the widest online shopping sites in worldwide are Amazon and e- bay. Every item is made available to the customer from all over the world by the online retailer breaking down all the physical existence in just few clicks of mouse.

The same is featured in the mobile with a single touch. The order placed by the customer will be delivered to their doorstep by the courier company tied up to the online store. Right from clothing to gadgets including all house requirements can be purchased online through this internet expansion.

Before you shop with an online store please make a point of these drawbacks listed.


  1. Shipping Costs

Online Shopping Drawbacks


Shopping online may or may not charge shipping rates. There are some sites claiming to be free deliveries, but it is nothing but their marketing tricks. None of the business is done with the customers benefit; they simply include the shipping charge by increasing the products price and claim to be “free shipping”. In some cases shipping charges will be written in very small writings which become unnoticeable to the customer. He will notice it only when the amount is deducted.

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