iPhone Mistakes Everybody Makes … iPhones have caught the market attention like nothing else. They have attracted the mob like crazy.

Most people have no idea at all about few faults they unknowingly do and harm their iPhones. Few things either cause the iPhone to shut down permanently or even burn out the device.

This can be a disaster for such a heavily paid device.

Read the list below and make sure you avoid doing any of the following.

  1. Not Using Apple Charger
iPhone Mistakes Everybody Makes

iPhone Mistakes Everybody Makes

While lot of hundreds of dollars are spent on iPhone, many try to skimp and save money on chargers.

Apple chargers come with good price tag. The off brands charger a re lot more cheaper and seems like they do the job of charging iPhone. But did you know that by using a charger other than Apple Charger, you are boosting up all possibilities of burning p your iPhone.

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