1. Rohtang Pass, India

10 Breathtaking Highways Every Traveler Must Visit | TrendingFeeds

Rohtang pass is crazily dangerous yet adventurous road to try. The spectacular thing about this whole road besides the crazy turns is the view of mountain peaks, rivers and glaciers make it unbelievably beautiful landscapes. The road remains opened from May to November for the travel freak to come and make their trip awesome. This highway can give you a lifetime experience of driving if you do not face a landslide, unfavorable weather or traffic. The Rohtang pass is an incredibly risky yet amazing road. It is one of the busiest routes in a summer season and is also used by military vehicles and trucks.


  1. US 1 from Key Largo to Key West, Florida

10 Breathtaking Highways Every Traveler Must Visit | TrendingFeeds

The US 1 highway is one of the most idyllic highways in the world. This amazingly beautiful stretch of road is a north-south highway that runs from Maine all the way to Florida. It will give you the most beautiful sight of blue waters with the hues of blue and green all through the pass. The road passes through warm waters, islands and coral reefs.

  1. National Route 40 or Ruta 40, Argentina
National Route 40 or Ruta 40, Argentina

Breathtaking Highways

National Route 40 is one of the great highways in the world. A dream route for every traveller. This route passes through various rivers and mountain crossing 20 national parks making you fall in love with the road trips.


  1. Col de I’Iseran, France

Col de I'Iseran, France

Col de I’Iseran is the highest paved road in the Alps. It connects two valleys, but this road is only is accessible only during the summers. The stretch of this exciting and adventurous road is all about witnessing its waterfalls, scenic areas, galleries and tunnels.


  1. Hana highway, Maui

Hana highway, Maui

A breathtaking highway for all the travelers across the world. The highway is a long stretch of road that is over 84 kilometers of lush green tropical rainforest with narrow and twisted turns including more than 600 curves, 59 bridges and also some ancient bridges that are over 100 years old.


Breathtaking Highways
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